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The World’s Fair is back and in keeping with the spirit of this resilient community we are finding new ways to celebrate.  Explore the many familiar activities and new ideas in these pages. There’s a virtual art gallery and an NFT art competition, both displaying the artwork of our students and wider community.  The Entertainment playlist showcases a variety of talents from our students. The Food section has an array of offerings: an e-cookbook with recipes from school families, cooking demos and top tips for the kitchen. There’s so much to delve into! 

Don’t forget to buy a set of ‘old school’ postcards, all featuring art by our high school students. Send a note to family and friends around the world to let them know you are thinking of them!  View Art page for details.


Pizza-making class on zoom 
or in-person

Get Cookin
Check Out Here
Check out


Let the show begin at your table! Sit back and relax watching world-famous artists from our very own HKIS community! All divisions represented: LP-UP-MS-HS. The talent is simply AMAZING! Go Dragons! LIVE April 23rd!

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“Entertainment has this way of resetting itself” ~Zachary Levi

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“Good food is best shared with great friends…1.5 meters away between plexiglass!”

Dr. David Lovelin

HS Principal

"Happiness is finding out that there is 

a vegan option."

Dr Connie Kim

MS Principal

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience."

James Beard


An NFT, non fungible token, is a unique digital representation of a work of art which is recorded in blockchain.  Original work created by the artist which can include a video an image (painting/picture) a song, or even something else entirely.    

The “competition” opens up an opportunity to learn, explore and check out this latest, much talked about medium amongst the world of art and entertainment.

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