Used Book Sales  x  Charity Expo


This year, eleven high school charity clubs joining Pumpkin Festival Charity Expo will be raising money for their clubs through their volunteer hours at our beloved part of the Festival - USED BOOK SALES.


Under strict social distancing guidelines, our community can browse and purchase used books over 12 genres at the Lower Primary bus bay.  Patrons will also learn more about the charities of our High School students through posters and pamphlets on site.

Book sales shopping link: If you want to shop used books on October 30th, please sign up through the button on the right


Our mission is to foster relationships with other organizations outside of HKIS, to raise awareness, and to create a sense of community with the children at the Ronald McDonald House. We also want to promote student leadership and involvement within our community to help others pursue their passions and help those in need

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A club dedicated to fighting hunger and reducing the amount of quality food ending up in landfills in Hong Kong.


SOS Migrant Power (M-Power)


Mission: To aid and empower migrant domestic workers through advocacy, financial education, fundraising, and developing meaningful relationships.


Description: We work closely with organizations like Mission for Migrant Workers and Enrich Hong Kong to empower helpers through raising awareness for financial education, organizing outreach into the migrant worker community, and advocating for their better treatment at HKIS and greater Hong Kong.

To promote awareness and to provide love and support for Hong Kong's homeless population in cooperation with local NGOs


ENKO (English for North Korean Kids Organization) strives to help the North Korean refugees who have risked their lives to escape from North Korea.


We support Room to Read, a non-profit organization with a goal to help students, especially girls, in low-income communities improve their literacy and receive a good education. We do this by raising funds and spreading awareness through a variety of events and activities such as school-wide readathon, library features, publishing a children's book, and participating in projects by the Room to Read HK Organization such as International Literacy Day!

Our mission is to harmonise social, economic, and environmental elements to promote sustainability and tackle the issues of energy poverty.


UNICEF aims to provide local and international humanitarian aid for children by teaching underprivileged students and fundraising for global causes. The UNICEF club aims to think globally, and act locally through our tutoring, awareness, and fundraising initiatives.


Our club goal is to raise awareness about Period Poverty through social awareness events and to help provide girls and women in Cambodia have access to safe menstrual hygiene management through fundraising by selling Kampot Peppers from Cambodia. Periods and menstrual equity has been a taboo subject and thus, never really spoken about, even though millions of girls (1 out of 4!) worldwide struggle from period poverty. As a consequence, many don’t realize the serious physical health and mental consequences that come with Period Poverty and unsafe practices. We aim to encourage discussions about this issue so that more people can realize the impact it has on girls.

Ember is a service club dedicated to providing scholarships for underprivileged girls in rural China through the Ember organization. In addition to raising money, we hope to create more awareness about the unfortunate situations that girls are in all over the world. We are focused on providing members with an opportunity to foster personal relationships with the girls that they are helping through online communication, meetups, and more.


SOS Lutheran Nursery.


In this SOS on Fridays after school, we teach local K1-3 nursery students simple English through games, songs, dances, and coloring. Each of our sessions is focused on one specific theme, like transportation, food, and school. Even though they might not know any English to begin with, we hope our happiness and positive energy through our lessons carries on to them and that they come out with a love of learning, regardless of what they take away from our sessions.