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Minecraft World

Pumpkin Festival 


The popular Pumpkincraft is back!

Come check out the HKIS Middle School Minecraft virtual campus on Saturday, October xxx from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.


Fun games include Parkour Maze, Paintball, TNT Run, and more!  We will have a raffle draw with prizes as well. New games and campus upgrades thanks to your good friends from the MS and HS Student Digital Leadership Team!


You are placed on a large platform, and every single block that you stand on disappears after a few seconds. Last one standing wins


A themed parkour game with varying difficulties and directions to go


A game with two teams throwing snowballs at each other in a race to eliminate the other team


A capture-the-flag like team game in which the objective is to protect your bed and destroy others


An explorable replica of our Middle School campus created in Minecraft

Get your early bird discounted tickets now for just HK$40, valid until October xxth. 

Ticket price from Tuesday, October 21st HK$50

Video Game Screenshot
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How to get into campus
Video Coming Soon!

Players Code of Conduct

Our MS and HS Student Digital Leadership Team members have worked hard to create this amazing virtual experience for the community.  Please keep in mind the following as you enjoy the site:

  • Be respectful and ethical to your fellow players - do not harass others

  • Use common sense in your actions

  • No griefing, vandalizing, exploiting, hacking, or unfair mods

  • Do not voluntarily perform actions that jeopardize server integrity or hardware

  • Spamming or advertising is strictly prohibited

  • Do not ask staff to give you items or change game status (time, difficulty, etc.)

  • Do not ask to receive [GM], [ADMIN], OP, or Creative Mode status

  • Do not impersonate any staff member


Failure to abide by these Codes may result in your removal from Pumpkincraft for a period of time or for the rest of the event.  Thank you for your kind cooperation and carve away!


Student Digital
Leadership Team

Get to Know Us

The Student Digital Leadership Team is one of the three multidisciplinary leadership teams at HKIS. As a group, we aim to promote and apply technology in unique and innovative ways that are both relevant and beneficial to our school community. We work on a range of initiatives throughout the year, from sports and club promotion, to "Tech Tips", and even mentorship over the newly established middle school SDLT branch. Aside from fulfilling the responsibilities of their respective teams and contributing to initiatives, SDLT members are also expected to act as mentors and enthusiastic leaders within our community.

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