The Award

PFO is delighted to present the inaugural PFO NFT ART Award presenting an opportunity for our students to explore the possibilities of digital art while celebrating the creativity in this digital era.

The Award recognises students who share visions in their own journeys of discovering new ideas and themes and it acts as a springboard, enabling the winners to get first-hand experience in the role of artist in the NFT art space.  

The THREE winners EACH from High School and Middle School will receive a minted copy of their artwork provided by CryptoBLK, our sponsor and technology supporting company at the Hong Kong Science Park on the NFT creations.  They will also be able to join Ora-Ora for a summer internship to learn more about the art business plus get exposure in art fairs, exhibitions, installations and more!

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The Experience

All MS and HS students who submitted their artwork in the competition are eligible to participate in a "NFT Basics" session and meet with the professionals at CryptoBLK, one of our sponsors.  They will discuss the technology used for NFT creations and expand their knowledge about NFTs and blockchain developments globally. Details and announcements will be provided following the announcement of the winners!


The Judging

Mr Francis Belin

President Asia Pacific at Christie's 

Ms Alice Mong

Executive Director at Asia Society Hong Kong

Ora-Ora Curatorial Team
Francis Belin

President Asia Pacific at Christie's 

I was impressed by the active level of participation among the students and the quality of the works presented. There was clearly a great deal of passion in evidence and energetic commitment to the theme. The works demonstrated both conceptual depth and proficiency in technical skill. Furthermore, there was clearly a marked effort to create art which aimed beyond mastery of execution, aiming wholeheartedly for social relevance, subjective commentary and engagement with our contemporary world.

Alice Mong

Executive Director at Asia Society Hong Kong

"The works of the students showed creativity, originality and thoughtfulness. I am impressed with the diverse outcome and really encouraged by their efforts. Keep up the good work."

Middle School Winners

Ishwar Dhanuka - G7

Stop Plastic Pollution

A stop motion on the effects of plastic pollution in the food chain.
Audrey Lee - G8


In this art piece, I tried showcasing the lack of women's voice in society. This has been an ongoing problem. Talented, powerful, and brave women not getting a voice and being shut down—for example, equal pay, the suffrage movement, liberation, etc. In the Equal Pay Movement, women spoke out, protested about being paid less than men. But what was done to change it? Not only this but have you heard this? "The larger the company, the less chance it's lead by a woman." It's unfair and frustrating. Feminism is about equality, power, and courage. We have a voice, and we will use it.
MS 35.jpeg
Yu Shin Chang - G6

Natural versus Artificial

It portrays a natural and wild flamingo with an African Maasai girl on its back meets an artificial flamingo floatie with a modern-washed girl scrolling through her phone in a bathing suit, sunbathing. When the two meet, the artificial girl is in shock, while the natural side is glistening, with the vibrant pink of the real flamingo shines in the sunlight. The message I was trying to give is that the natural outshines the artificial.




Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


High School Winners

Kayla Yang - G9


Animated cat alongside slam poetry.
HS 22_IL_G10_Campfire.png
Isabel Lin - G10


Original characters having a good time hanging out by a campfire. Created using Procreate.
Madeleine Li - G12


I created a surreal and atmospheric dreamscape inspired by synesthesia through forms of technology to bring it holistically to life.
Synesthesia is a phenomenon in which one stimulus triggers a secondary and associated response.  I wanted to capture the sensation of how one may see colors through listening to music.
I applied color psychology and used an analogous color palette of blues and purples.  Purple is associated with creativity and magic, while blue is associated with serenity.
To enhance the 3D environment, I composed an ambient music piece on Garageband. Through researching a synesthetes' experience I found links between colors and musical notes and instruments.  I matched the purples, blues, and cyan of my 3D model to the C#, G# and A# notes used to cocompose my strings and harp music piece.
I plan to extend my investigation of the convergence of color, music, emotion, space and movement to heighten one's experience and response to my art.

Semi Finalists

Judges want to commend the semi-finalists also for their creativity and artistic merits. It was a very tight winning!



A Non Fungible Token is a unique digital asset stored through a blockchain and its authenticity is easily verifiable..  The NFT can represent multiple form, including art.


One of the reasons is that it allows the artist  to showcase his/her work in the virtual world  with a degree of control not  possible in the traditional way.  The authenticity of  the NFT artwork is also easily verifiable  when being transferred to buyer. 


Blockchain developers are well aware of the need to be more eco-friendly in the technology development.  CryptoBLK will mint the winning artworks into NFTs on Polygon which is a more eco-friendly blockchain which works on the proof-of-stake (POS) mechanism and is much more energy efficient.


About our Sponsors


CryptoBLK is a Hong Kong based Blockchain company located at the Hong Kong Science Park.  It develops Web3 applications which support global enterprises to extend their businesses in metaverse, NFT and tokenization.

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Ora-Ora began in Hong Kong in 2006 and quickly established itself as a force and catalyst for innovation and openness of expression.  Academically rigorous and philosophically-minded, Ora-Ora's artists embody a fresh sprit of curiosity and enquiry.  It believes in the power of eschewing boundaries and limitations and combines an esteem for ancient traditions with a passion for the most contemporary and ground-breaking artistic media.  Long recognized for the successful development of Asian creative talent, the gallery has grown to represent artists from Asia, Europe and he US.  It continues to develop alliances and partnerships with institutions worldwide to enable discovery of their artists in new environments.